International Winners, Outstanding Sires, Outstanding Dams

The cats pictured below are those who have made a tremendous impact in the show ring or who have
contributed to the beautiful look of the Woodpile Cats.  All were cherished pets first, and we are extremely
humbled to have been a part of their lives.  With two Outstanding Sires and six Outstanding Dams, International and Regional Winners, we are dedicated to producing well adjusted as well as beautiful Maine Coons who are first fantastic pets!  We hope you will join with us in celebrating their
amazing accomplishments.

Hoot Helmi Head OS LA SGC Woodpile Hoot N Holler

Hoot was the cat of my heart, and gave us a lot of firsts.  He was our first Supreme Grand Champion, our first International Winner, our first Outstanding Sire, and our first Lifetime Achievement award.  He is also the first Maine Coon (and currently the only one) in TICA's history to be awarded all of these titles.
I miss him immensely.
OD GC Woodpile Sophisticat

Sophie is our top producing dam to date. With thirteen grand champion offspring (including one Outstanding Sire and two Outstanding Dams) we think she has certainly earned the title of Outstanding Dam.  Although Sophie didn't care for the show ring, we feel she has more than made up for it in the maternity ward.
Sophie Of Note
OD RW QGC Woodpile Amazing
Grace of Pinecoon

Gracie is the littermate to our Sophie, and
daughter of our beautiful Libby.  She is owned
and loved by Betsy & Dave Tinney of
Pinecoon Maine Coons, where she produced
several outstanding babies!
Libby Of Note OD Coonmora Liberty of Woodpile

Libby is our ideal of the purrfect Maine Coon, and the cat we strive to reproduce.  She gave us many beautiful babies, including Sophie (above), and Calamity (below) and her legacy lives on here through her children and grandchildren.
OD Pinecoon Tapestry of Woodpile

Squeak was appropriately named, with her coat of many rich and warm colors.  She earned the title of Outstanding Dam the same year as Libby.  She will always hold a very special place in our hearts.
Squeak Of Note
Crackle  OD RW SGC Woodpile Snap Crackle N Pop

Crackle is a 2nd generation Outstanding Dam, out of OD Pinecoon Tapestry of Woodpile, and is a littermate to our handsome OS LA SGC Woodpile Hoot N Holler.   She is our official greeter, and has consistently produced lovely babies for us.
LA SGC Woodpile Tumbleweed

Our venture into Singapuras was an incredible journey, with our first litter producing our amazing little Tumble.  He was the #2 kitten in TICA, all breeds, during the 2006-2007 show year, and the Northwest Region's Best Kitten.  During the 2007-2008 show year he was also the 20th Best Alter internationally, and the Northwest Region's Best Alter.  Obviously for us, big things do come in small packages!
Tumble of Note
Frosty Of Note
OS IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile

Frosty has produced many beautiful babies for us.  He is a second generation International Winner, following in his father's pawprints.  He is also our second male to earn the title of Outstanding Sire.  He is a red silver classic tabby and white, and exhibits the much admired "merle" gene found in some red sivers.
OD RW SGC Woodpile Calamity

What can I say about Calamity?  Another 2nd generation Outstanding Dam, she was a dream to show and has given us some of the most beautiful kittens we have ever had the pleasure of breeding, including our lovely 3 show
RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded, who will replace her dam in our breeding program.

OD QGC  Woodpile All That Jazz

Jazz is our latest Outstanding Dam, continuing the family tradition of producing fabulous babies for us, including both International and Regional winners! 
 Her latest grand is
RW QGC Woodpile Dixie of Missy,
bringing her total to seven!
LA SGC  Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu

Mojo is a beautiful brown classic tabby out of Jazz and
OS RW SGC Smokeycoons Alejandro.  He is one of our most celebrated boys; his most recent endeavour as a model for Royal Canin Cat Food.  Mojo is owned and
loved by Phil & Marge Berger of  MaineVu Maine
Coons in Georgia.
Charlie   IW SGC  Woodpile Charlie Parker

Charlie has the distinction of being the first Maine Coon to earn the title of International Winner in the South America Region of TICA, as well as being the Best Cat, all breeds, in that region the same year.
Charlie belongs to my good friend, Newton Peter, of Missy Maine Coons in Brazil, and is a full brother to
Mojo, pictured above.


OD RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile

Beautiful Marley came to us from Caron Gray of
Rumford Maine Coons in Wisconsin.  She was a wild child in the show hall - more than one judge caught her mid-air going after their toys - which made her a LOT of fun to show.  Our trust that she would give us exceptional babies was proven many times over.  She is our 8th Outstanding Dam, and has earned her retirement, living a life of luxury as a
spoiled pet.

Rocket LA LA SGC  Woodpile Fire When Ready

Rocket is daughter Kaiti's "Majestic Prince",
and the son of Marley (above), and our handsome RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile.  He has the most incredibly intense red color we've ever had in one of our cats, one of the gifts of his mama.  Rocket wormed his way into Kaiti's heart, and will remain her beloved pet.

OD SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile

Gaia was everything I had ever wanted in a Maine Coon She has a gorgeous head, nice long body, a tail that goes on forever, fantastic ears, and the amazing temperament for which Maine Coons are known.   She has given me fabulous babies, two of whom remain in our breeding program.  She has earned her retirement ten-fold!  I can't thank Brigitta Majorne Hajdu enough for entrusting the lovely Gaia to me.








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