The Woodpile Humans are Jan, Peter, and Kaiti Dell.  We live
on two acres just outside of Yakima, Washington in a home we
built ourselves in 1996.  Peter and I actually met at a dog show (we
showed dogs for many many years) so it wasn't a huge leap to
showing cats.  And although Peter generally doesn't "do" cat shows,
he is very supportive of my hobby, and takes excellent care of home
and hearth so that I can attend shows.

Both Peter and I are very active in our community, in civic, political,
and business organizations.  We feel it is extremely important to give
back to the community that has given us so much.   
Family is our first priority, and the Maine Coons have been a
wonderful addition to that family.  We are a small cattery, making it
easy for us to spend a great deal of time socializing and caring
for our kittens, and we strive to produce happy, healthy kittens with
great temperaments.  We enjoy sharing our love of these
wonderful creatures with others as well. 

Because our free time is very precious to us we show kittens
by appointment only.  If you think you might be interested in one
of our wonderful Maine Coons, please send us an
e-mail ( and we'll be happy to send you our
kitten questionnaire.  In the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful
cats pictured in our website.

This is the view from our backyard in the beautiful Yakima Valley.