8/14/22  Another great show for Zuko!  He finalled in all 15 rings, again making him the Best Alter in show.  His half sister, Piper, also did us proud by accumulating enough points and finals to make her a QGC.  We are so proud of these two special cats!  Continue to watch for them in the show halls this year.

Woo hoo!  We spent the weekend at The Maine Event Cat Club's show, Zuko's first adult show, and he earned the title of QGCA.  He got finals in all 12 rings.  We are so happy with how this youngster is turning out.  His half sister is also now Ch. Woodpile Highland Fling aka Piper.  We expect good things from her as well.  Next show - Cat Fanciers of British Columbia, with all the Canadian friends we've missed!

7/26/22  It's been a long time since I've updated my website.  I am retired as of next week, so I'm finally getting around to it.  We have a new litter as well, and I'm hoping in the next few days to update my kitten page as well.  Look around the website and you will see we've had quite a few changes.  We've added a couple of new cats, and kept a kitten to show as an alter.  You'll see him in the show halls beginning with the next show.  I'm so happy to be able to update things again - I won't bore you with the details of my computer outage!  But it's fixed now, and you'll see more of me and the cats! 

When it rains, it pours!  In the wee small hours of the morning, Tori presented us with her first litter of kittens.  Not to be outdone, that same evening Delizia decided she would deliver her babies! It was a long day, but worth it to have these two lovely litters from our first time moms. 

  I made a quick trip to the east coast to visit our friends, David & Judy Bernbaum of MTNest Maine Coons, and to bring home our wonderful new kitten, MTNest Sherman of Woodpile.  Sherman will be our new stud boy when he's old enough, but in the meantime we are enjoying his delightful antics, both in the show ring and at home.   

A long overdue vacation to France and Italy ended with picking up our new kitten, Florence Coon Delizia, and heading towards home.  Peter dropped me off at my friend Ginger's house, and we headed to the Garden City cat show the next morning.  Delizia had a great weekend, especially considering she'd never been in a show hall, and had just traveled halfway around the world with people she didn't know.  She took it all in stride, and picked up ten finals, including five best kitten awards.  Needless to say, we are thrilled with our new baby!

Well, the end of the show season is upon us, and all-in-all we had a pretty good year.   We are proud to announce some very nice awards earned by the Woodpile cats:

RW SGCA Woodpile Solar Eclipse
OD SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile
OD RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile
LA SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready

Thanks to Caron Gray and
Brigitta Majorne Hajdu for our beautiful Outstanding Dams, and to the owners of their offspring for presenting them so purrfectly.

Thanks also to Kaiti Dell for allowing me to take Rocket to shows so he could earn his LA, and for forgiving me (kind of) for selling Dragon.

Special thanks to Peter Dell who kept the home fires burning while I was off to the cat shows with my friends.  I love you!

4/1/19  We took four cats to see board certified cardiologist, Dr. Jerry Woodfield for their heart checks.  We are happy to announce that the following four Woodpile Maine Coons were pronounced heart healthy:

RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile
RW SGC Zmatrixu Latoya of Woodpile
Ch. Woodpile Notorious
Ch. Zmatrixu Veracruz of Woodpile

2/20/19  With the granding of Deb Leingang's Dragon, (DGCA Woodpile Drago), we are thrilled that his dam, SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile, has now earned the title of Outstanding Dam.  Gaia is our 9th OD, and we are very proud of this beautiful girl and her offspring!

Another show year has come to an end, and I'm pleased to say that the Woodpile cats had another great year!  We had both Regional and International winning cats, added another Supreme Grand Champion, an Outstanding Dam, and a Lifetime Achievement award winner.  Congratulations to:

IW SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready
TICA's 18th Best Alter
NW Region's 5th Best Alter
TICA's Lifetime Achievement Award

RW SGC Woodpile Peregrin Took
NW Region's 12th Best Kitten
NW Region's 11th Best LH Cat

RW QGCA Woodpile Solar Eclipse
NW Region's 16th Best Kitten

OD RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile
TICA's Outstanding Dam award

All in all it was a great year, spent with wonderful friends and fabulous cats.  Thanks to all for your kindness and support this year!  I wish you all the best!  Hugs and purrs!

4/2/18  We are home from the Cat Fanciers of BC show with fantastic results.  Exhibited in only 9 of the 15 rings, Rocket made finals in all of them, including 3 Best Alter awards!  Adding to our joy was young Sunny, Woodpile Solar Eclipse, who became a one show Grand Champion Alter, and in the process made his dam, RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile, an Outstanding Dam!  Sunny was shown in only six rings, but got finals in all of them, half of which were Best Alter awards.  Never having shown Maine Coon alters before, I'm finding it a lot of fun!

3/17/18  Our lovely Gaia presented us with eight beautiful babies just in time for St. Patrick's Day.  One will hopefully remain here to be shown, but that decision is still weeks away.  We are very pleased with the litter though!

2/11/18  It's been a while since we've updated our website, but we ended 2017 on a very positive note.  Our handsome Pippin (Woodpile Peregrin Took) is now a QGC, and is the fourth GC for his dam, SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile. 
Gaia is expecting a litter in March by RW SGC Zmatrixu Yoda of Woodpile. We are hoping for a really spectacular girl so we can retire Gaia (but keep her wonderful attributes in our breeding program).
Fingers cossed!

5/26/17  It's official!  We are happy to announce our Regional Winners for the 2016 - 2017 show year. 
Congratulations to:

RW SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready

(loved by Kaiti Dell)

RW SGCA Woodpile Winchester

(loved by Ginger & Steve Stackpole)

RW SGC Zmatrixu Yoda of Woodpile
(who remains here as one of our much loved boys!)

5/15/17  We had a great time at The Maine Event show this past weekend in Olympia!  Glory is now QGC Woodpile Glorious (and we really think she is!), and young Yoda is now SGC Zmatrixu Yoda of Woodpile, earning not one, but two Best AB Cat awards from Clint and Rene Knapp.  Thanks to both Clint and Rene for recognizing the quality of this handsome young boy.
We can't wait to see how his babies will turn out! 

Added bonus, Ginger Stackpole's Sniper is now
QGCA Woodpile Sharpshooter.  Ginger has done an
amazing job presenting Sniper, and we are proud of both of them, and grateful for her friendship.

2/27/17  Just back from the CanAm show and still on Cloud 9!  Both Glory (Woodpile Glorious) and Yoda (Zmatrixu Yoda of Woodpile) each earned the title of
Double Grand Champion, each picking up two Best Cat awards in the process.  In addition, Ginger Stackpole's youngster, Sniper (Woodpile Sharpshooter), became a Grand Champion Alter at his first adult show at just eight months of age.  And best of all, Ginger's handsome Chester (Woodpile Winchester) became a
Supreme Grand Champion Alter (pictured below)!  Congratulations to Ginger and her boys!
(And thanks to Helmi for the wonder photo!)

Chester framed

 7/24/16  Our handsome Rocket was Best Cat in Show at the Cat Fanciers of BC show, wearing his summer shorts and in very stiff competition!   He is currently the #1 Maine Coon in TICA, #2 cat in our Region, and #7 Internationally.  We know that will change, but we are still very proud of him!

Added bonus - his younger brother, Chester, is now TGCA Woodpile Winchester.  Chester is beautifully presented and loved by Ginger Stackpole. 
Go Woodpile boys!

The new show year is starting off well.  Rocket is now RW SGC Woodpile Fire When Ready.  He did very well at the Commencement show, as well as at the Garden City show!  We love our Rocket man!


In addition, Rocket's little brother Chester is now
DGCA Woodpile Winchester.  Chester is a handsome brown classic tabby and white, owned and shown by our good friend, Ginger Stackpole.

Adding to our happiness, Woodpile Honey of Patacoonia, Chester's littermate, has also earned the title of Grand Champion.  Honey is owned by Milena Pascual Migale, and shown by her son Greg

The standings for the 20215/2016 show year are in, and we are very pleased to announce that it is now RW TGC Woodpile Fire When Ready and
 RW SGC Zmatrixu Latoya of Woodpile!
Rocket and Toy were the only two cats we
showed during the year, so we are extremely happy that both earned Regional wins.  Rocket is also the first Grand Champion for his dam, RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile, and his sire.
RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile. 
Adding to our happiness is Toy's recently arrived first litter, sired by RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver.

 5/6/16  Our handsome Rocket is now RW TGC Woodpile Fire When Ready!  Rocket is a lot of fun to show, as he is pretty much unflappable and loves everyone!


11/21/15  We are very pleased to announce that both Gaia and Toy had their hearts echoed by Dr. Jerry Woodfield (board certified veterinary cardiologist) at The Maine Event's HCM clinic and both were found to have healthy hearts!

Our lovely Toy is now a Quadruple Grand Champion, earning this title in only two show, and once again being the best Maine Coon in championship at The Evergreen Cat Fanciers show this past weekend.
We plan on having her heart screened next month, and hopefully put her on track to have babies sometime next year.  We just know they'll be as pretty as she is!

Toy continues her winning ways at the Cat Fanciers of BC show - her first adult show and she was third Best Cat in Show, earning the title of Double Grand Champion, an amazing feat for a young girl at her first grown-up show. 

We had a wonderful time at our Regional show last weekend.  Toy ended up second best kitten in show!  What a great way to end her kitten career.  At her next show she'll have to compete with the adults, but I'm sure she'll continue to do well.

I am honored to have been voted the NW Region's Member of the Year for the 2014/2015 show year.  It was a very unexpected honor and I am humbled by the recognition from my fellow exhibitors.  Thank you so much.  You have no idea what this means to me.

We are also happy to announce our Regional winners for the 2014/2015 show year.  Congratulations to:
RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver
RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile
RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile.

Many thanks to Judy & David Bernbaum of MTNest Maine Coons and Caron Gray of Rumford Maine Coons for the wonderful additions to our home!  We are so appreciative of your beautiful cats and your friendship.

5/28/15  We are thrilled to introduce the lastest addition to the Woodpile entourage.  Please welcome

Zmatrixu Latoya


Toy comes to us from the Czech Republic.  We are extremely grateful to her breeder, Zuzana Zukova, for sharing this gorgeous black tortie with us.  Look for her at the upcoming shows!

5/27/15  Our lovely Gaia presented us with six gorgeous little coonlets, four boys and two girls.  We can't want to see how they'll grow.  We are planning on keeping at least one for ourselves, as Gaia has consistently produced nice babies.

5/22/15  The points are tallied and we are happy to report our Regional Winners for the 2014-2015 show year.  Congratulations to:

RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile with both a Regional Win as a kitten in limited showing, and Best Maine Coon adult cat in the NW Region.

RW DGC Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile, the only female Maine Coon to earn a Regional Win in the
kitten class. 

RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver, who also received a Regional Win in the Championship cat class in limited showing, competing with his buddy Coty, above.

3/30/15  Great news!  We went to see board certified veterinary cardiologist Dr. Jerry Woodfield today and got a clean bill of healthy hearts on Marley, Coty, and Max!  We are very excited about adding these three to our breeding program in the very near future.

7/31/14  We are happy to announce our much anticipated arrival of Rumford Catch A Fire of Woodpile, aka Marley.  Marley is a beautiful brown classic torbie with white, with lovely ears, nice profile, and an absolutely gorgeous color and pattern!  We can't thank Marley's breeder, Caron Gray, enough for this little bundle of energy!  She's a little spitfire!

Marley Kitten
Pretty Marley

 It's with a bit of sadness that we announce the retirement of RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded from our breeding program.  Suade gave us some wonderful babies and has earned the chance to become a spoiled pet.  We will really miss our beautiful girl, and we wish her and her new owner a long and happy life together.

Just back from the International Specialty Club Show where our newest addition to the crew, MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile, earned no less than four Best Kitten awards (and eight finals).  Not bad for a blue tabby and white kitten at only five months of age!  His buddy, new RW QGC Woodpile Quicksilver, also earned several finals, and will now be looking for that Best Cat he needs to Supreme.  All-in-all a very good show for the Woodpile clan!   Added bonus was all the good friends with whom we got to visit.

We are proud of all our babies here at Woodpile, but every once in a while there is a kitten that just blows everyone away.  For us, and owner
Alex Trekin, that kitten is Woodpile Purr Strings,
pictured below.  Vika, as she is called, was the Best Maine Coon kitten and Best Maine Coon Junior in
the World Cat Federation (WCF).  Huge
congratulations to both Vika and Alex!


Vika Trophy

I took a quick trip back to Pennsylvania over the 4th to pick up the latest addition to the Woodpile clan.  I would like to introduce our handsome new
MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile, aka Coty.  Coty is a blue classic tabby w/white, carries solid, and has a profile and temperament to die for!  He's big with exceptional boning, and did I mention he has an incredible purrsonality?  We haven't had a blue in years, so we are excited about the possibilities.

Max meets Coty 2

This is Coty meeting Max for the first time.

Many, many thanks to David & Judy Bernbaum of MTNest Maine Coons for entrusting me with this delightful youngster.  We hope to do you proud!

 We enjoyed a nice trip to the Garden City show on Vancouver Island with Max, ending the weekend with him becoming a Double Grand Champion.  Added bonus was that Woodpile Echo of Coondalay (pictured below), owned by Keri & Samantha Chapman, also came along and ended up with several finals, including two Best Kittens!  All in all, a very good weekend for the Woodpile Clan.

Echo of Coondalay

The end of the year standings have been updated and we are very proud to announce our winners for the 2013-2014 show season:

Our youngest new star is RW Woodpile Quicksilver, Best Maine Coon kitten in the NW Region!  Max is a beautiful silver classic tabby & white boy, soon to be added to our website (when we get some pictures), and is destined to become part of our breeding program.  He represents the best attributes of
both of his parents!

RW SGC Woodpile Can We Keep Her (aka Chloe).  Well, I guess we answered that question!  Chloe is a pretty brown classic tabby & white girl with a great attitude, and was a lot of fun to show.

RW SGC Wild-King v Marquis Zaro/LO (aka Henry).
We imported Henry from Switzerland to add diversity in our pedigrees while keeping the great temperaments for which the Woodpile cats are known.  We hope to have Henry babies this summer!

And last, but certainly not least, is new Lifetime Achievement winner, LA SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu, shown and loved by Phil & Marge Berger.  Very few cats achieve the LA title, and we are proud to be the breeders of Mojo.  Congratulations to Marge & Phil, who presented Mojo beautifully, and who have become good friends!  We love you guys!

 4/30/14  The past year has been very good to the Woodpile cats.  We have had several more Supreme Grand Champions bearing the Woodpile name, as well as a couple of very nice litters.  We are extremely proud of our breeding program, and in our continual strive to produce healthy cats we have imported two new cats to keep the diversity in our pedigrees.  Rest assured that the cats we are bringing in are healthy, happy cats of excellent conformation and with terrific purrsonalities, and of the type we aim for here at Woodpile.   Thanks to all who have admired our wonderful Maine Coons, and to the those who are enjoying the fruits of our labor.  It gives us great joy to share this magnificent breed with you!

  The end of the 2013-2014 show year is upon us.  Stay tuned to see how our Maine Coons did in the regional standings.  Once the last show reports of the year are up we should have a good idea of where our cats placed.  We think it is going to be a good year!

Many many thanks to all our friends who have supported us throught the years and who continue to be a very important part of our lives.  We love you!

4/21/14  Just back from the Calgary cat show where both Chloe and Max had great shows!  Chloe got the final points she needed to become our latest
Supreme Grand Champion, and young Max held his own as third best kitten in show!  We can't wait for his show career as an adult!

Today we took three of our breeding cats to be screened for HCM by board certified veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Jerry Woodfield.  Thankfully all three (Gaia, Henry, & Chloe) passed their screenings with flying colors!

We had a wonderful time at the Cat Fanciers of BC show this weekend.  Chloe (QGC Woodpile Can We Keep Her) earned the Best Cat award needed for her Supreme Grand Champion title, only needing a few points to claim it, after which she will be bred.  On top of that, she was the best Maine Coon adult!
And young Max (Woodple Quicksilver) had a really great show, earning 11 finals, including 4 Best Kitten awards at just 5-1/2 months of age.  He ended up best Maine Coon kitten in show, and 3rd best all breed kitten!  We're very proud of our young boy.  We think he has a wonderful career ahead of him!

The Woodpile kids are on a roll!  At the
Can-Am Cat Club show this weekend new
TGC Woodpile Can We Keep Her was the best Maine Coon cat in show, followed by Henry as the second best Maine Coon in show.  Not to be outdone, four month old Woodpile Quicksilver (Max) was the best Maine Coon kitten in show with 9 finals, including two Best Kitten awards! Between the three of them they garnered 21 finals!  We're so proud of our youngsters.

Our handsome Henry is now SGC Wild-King v Marquis Zaro'/LO, having earned the final points and his Best Cat award at The Evergreen Cat Fanciers show!  Thanks to judge Harley DeVilbiss for
recognizing Henry's outstanding quality!
Also making her presence known was new
DGC Woodpile Can We Keep Her (aka Chloe), our pretty little brown classic tabby & white girl.  I guess she has answered that question!  Chloe's page will be added to our website as soon as we get our photos from photographer Gus Sanderson (Unlimited Photography).  We think Gus got some great shots!

12/30/13  Jolie has presented us with seven beautiful babies, three boys and four girls, sired by our
OS IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile.  We are looking forward to seeing how they grow!

12/8/13  Gaia's babies look very promising!  All have fantastic ears and nice profiles.  Now 10 weeks we are not looking forward to any of them leaving for their new homes.  The silver & white boy, now named Woodpile Quicksilver, will be staying here with us!

Once again Henry was best Maine Coon cat in show at The Maine Event and earning the title of Quadruple Grand Champion.  And Chloe, at her first adult show became a Champion, picking up four finals herself and earning the spot of second best Maine Coon cat in show!  A very successful weekend for the Woodpile Maine Coons.

Handsome Henry was best Maine Coon cat at the Cat Fanciers of BC show, snagging 10 finals as did our kitten, Chloe, who was best Maine Coon kitten in show!  We are so very proud of them both.
Gaia has presented us with six gorgeous babies, four boys and two girls.  We can't wait to see how they grow!

  Woo hoo!  Our lovely Gaia is now
SGC Silversoon Gaia of Woodpile!  Gaia got the Best Cat she needed (with an extra one to spare) at the Garden City show, and picked up the final points she needed at the NW Regional show.  Many thanks to Brigitta Majorne Hajdu for our gorgeous Gaia and the faith she has had in us.

Our beautiful new one show Grand Champion Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile made her debut in the adult class winning the required finals and points to make her a grand champion, including a BEST CAT award!  We are very excited about Gaia's future here.  Watch for her in the show halls this summer.

March has arrived with a bang!  RW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu is taking the show world by storm, picking up six best cat awards at the Florida show.  Go, go, Mo! 
We also said goodbye to our very special boy,
SGC Woodpile Purrcussion (Drummer) on the same day that his first litter was born!  (We hope his new parents will love him as much as we do!)  Drummer
and RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded welcomed their six brown classic tabby and white babies into the world.  They look amazing with their sweet little faces. 
We know they'll have fabulous temperaments,
as both parents are incredibly loving. 

2/14/13  Our beautiful Jolie (SGC Woodpile Cajoled) has presented us with six darling little coonlets just in time for Valentine's Day.  Sire is OS IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile.  We look forward to seeing how they will develop, as this is Jolie's first litter.  She is out of our first three show supreme, RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded, and Tucker (now retired).

1/13/13  A huge coongratulations to Marge & Phil Berger with RW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu.  Mo took the Great Lakes region by storm, not only by beating out all the other Maine Coons in the Great Lakes Friends of Felines show, but also
being awarded Best Cat in Show!  Way to go!

1/10/13 The new year is getting off to a great start.  January brought a trip to New York to visit with friends Marge & Phil Berger, and to pick up our new girl,
Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile.  Gaia is a beautiful brown classic tabby with a near perfect profile and ears to die for, along with the wonderful temperament we strive for here at Woodpile.   Many many thanks to her breeder, Brigitta Majorne Hajdu for entrusting us with this incredible kitten! 

 1/1/13  Our new year promises to be as exciting as the old one.  This week we will add another beautiful youngster to our home and breeding program.  We are so excited to be getting this gorgeous girl and I can't thank her breeder enough for parting with her!
Pictures posted next week after I get her home! 

Our year has ended on a very positive note.  At The Maine Event show our Drummer (SGC Woodpile Purrcussion) was the best Maine Coon in show, and earning another Best Cat in the process.

We are very pleased to announce it is now SGC Woodpile Cajoled.  Jolie got the final points she needed to supreme at The Evergreen Cat Fanciers show.  And she did it in style, ending up second best cat in show, with some very tough competition.  Not bad for a young girl competing with big boys!

 We put together an HCM clinic for today
with board certified veterinary cardiologist,
Dr. Jerry Woodfield.  We took six of the Woodpile
cats to the clinic, ages 1 to 9-1/2 years and are VERY pleased to announce that all six echoed had
healthy hearts, with no evidence of HCM!  Yea! 
And thank you to Dr. Woodfield! 
It made our day purrfect!

9/20/12  News comes from south of the border that it is now QGC Woodpile Dixie of Missy.  Dixie will be taking a well-earned break to have a litter, then will be back in the show hall.  We can't wait to see what
wonderful babies she will produce!

7/25/12  Not to be outdone by her brothers, we have just received word from our good friend Newton Peter, that it is now RW TGC Woodpile Dixie of Missy.  Dixie is the littermate of RW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu and GCA Woodpile Winchester Jesse Jake.  Dixie is the third of Jazz's last litter (of five) to grand, and is grand #7 for four year old Jazz. 

7/22/12  Once again we are happy to share our show successes with our friends and followers.  At the NW Regional show this weekend, QGC Woodpile Cajoled (aka Jolie) received the Best Cat she needed for her Supreme!  This is often a difficult achievement for the girls, as the boys are bigger and more impressive.  And in this case Jolie was competing with her older half brother, SGC Woodpile Purrcussion!  Thanks to all the judges that have recognized Jolie's (and Drummer's) quality, and finalled her accordingly.

Our other happy news is that our OD QGC Woodpile All That Jazz has added grand champion #6 to the list of her outstanding babies!  Congratulations to Paula & Rick Johnston and new GCA Woodpile Winchester Jesse Jake, a very handsome brown classic tabby boy out of Jazz and RW OS SGC SmokeyCoons Alejandro.  Jazz is a third generation Outstanding Dam for us, and we hope her offspring will follow in her amazing footprints!

7/1/12  We are thrilled to announce the latest Woodpile Supreme Grand Champion,
RW SGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu.
Mojo earned his supreme at barely nine months of age with multiple best cats in only three shows!  A huge congratulations to his owners (and our good friends), Phil & Marge Berger who have done a beautiful job of presenting Mojo.  We are so proud of you all!

6/24/12  New SGC Woodpile Purrcussion (aka Drummer) continued his winning ways by receiving no less than TEN Best Cat awards at the Garden City show on Vancouver Island!  Drummer ended up as best cat in show, with some pretty stiff competition!  Drummer is a pleasure to show with his happy go lucky attitude.

And baby sister Jolie (now QGC Woodpile Cajoled) did her own bit of winning, albeit she was overshadowed by her older brother.  She picked up a Best Cat of her own, and four second bests.  In one ring they were Best and Second Best Cats!

Back in the Great Lakes region, "Little" Mojo (RW QGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu) did some impressive winning of his own.  At just 8 months of age MoJo was Best Maine at the Portage, IN show, and 2nd Best Cat in Show!  Congratulations to MoJo and his owners, Margie and Phil Berger.

6/10/12  Our show year has started with a bang!  After the Commencement Cat Club show our handsome Drummer is now QGC Woodpile Purrcussion, earning a Best Cat along the way.  Not to be outdone by a boy, our 8 month old Jolie is now DGC Woodpile Cajoled, and only a few points away from her TGC, earning her own Best Cat along the way.

And in equally exciting news, our beautiful Jazz became an Outstanding Dam thanks to new
TGC Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu.
MoJo became a TGC at his very first adult show at just over 8 months of age and ended up 3rd Best Cat in show, earning 12 finals!  Congratulations to our good friends and MoJo's owners, Marge & Phil Berger of MaineVu Maine Coons.
Another Jazzy son, Woodpile Winchester Jesse Jake, owned by Paula Johnston, is also well on his way to granding, having earned his Champion Alter title and four finals of his own! 

Although we did not show as much this year as in previous years, we are proud to announce our Woodpile bred International and Regional winners for the 2011-2012 show year:

IW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy
RW SGC Woodpile Flash Dance
RW Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu
RW Woodpile Scarlett O'Hara of Missy
RW Woodpile Dixie of Missy
IW SGCA Macallans Ellie (co-bred by us)

Thanks to the wonderful owners who have exhibited our babies to their potential, and who continue to love and cherish them.   We are so
very glad for your friendship. 

5/21/12  Woodpile Torch Song presented us with four beautiful kittens at the end of April, sired by IW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy.  This was Charlie's only litter while he was with us, and we are thrilled with the results.  We have two brown torbie girls, a red boy, and a red & white boy.  Lainey is an excellent mother, giving us big healthy kittens.  Here is one of the girls,
pictured at 3 weeks.


4/16/12   We are very happy to announce that SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy ended his show career this year by being selected as Best Cat in ALL nine rings at his last show! Way to go Charlie!  Added bonus was Woodpile Dixie of Missy who was 4th best kitten, best Maine Coon kitten, and also earned nine finals in nine rings at the same show.   Congrats to owners and good friends Newton & Cely Peter.  You've done an amazing job with Charlie and Dixie!

3/25/12  Woodpile Muddy Waters of MaineVu, owned by our good friends Marge & Phil Berger, had an amazing show in Florida.  At five months of age he picked up EIGHT Best Kitten awards and ended up best kitten in show!  MoJo, as he is affectionately known, is a real ham, charming both judges and spectators alike.

The handsome MoJo

12/19/11  Woo hoo!  News comes to us from TICA that it is
now GC Woodpile Scarlett O'Hara of Missy.  Scarlett is grand champion #3 for her dam, RW SGC Woodpile Rumor Has It.  Scarlett is co-owned with our good friend, Newton Peter,
who is showing her to her titles.  Thank you, Newton, for the amazing job you have done with both Scarlett and Charlie
(RW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy)!

11/22/11  Our beautiful Dancer has presented us with a lovely litter of six beautiful kittens just in time for Thanksgiving.  We find ourselves with so very much for which to be thankful!
We have had a successful show year, some lovely new babies, good health, wonderful children, incredible friends, and for me, a new job (and boss) that I love!   And the end of the year will find me in Rio de Janeiro visiting my good friends Newton and Cely!  Thank you all for being a part of my life!

10/31/11  We have just heard from our good friend Newton Peter that RW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy was not only the Best of the Best cat at the Clube Sul Americano do Gato show in Brazil this past weekend, but Charlie also took Best Cat in all nine rings!  This is an amazing feat for any cat, and we are incredibly proud of Charlie and Newton's accomplishments!  Thank you Newton, for your incredible friendship and for your excellent care and presentation of Charlie.  Together you make magic.

10/16/11  Home from the Evergreen Cat Fanciers show we are very proud to announce that Woodpile Percussion (aka Drummer) was 2nd Best Kitten in show!  Drummer dominated a class of very nice Maine Coon kittens, purring and playing all the way.

In addition, our handsome little Scottish Fold, Owhl Chubby Chaser of Woodpile (aka Chase), co-owned with Sally Patch, also brought home a bunch of finals!  Chase is a lot of fun to show, and gets many comments on just how adorable he is!  He's got his own little fan club going too!

And not to be outdone, the beautiful Dancer, now
RW SGC Woodpile Flash Dance, picked up the few points she needed to supreme.  Only shown five times as an adult, we are thrilled to have finished Dancer's titles so easily, taking her to shows only in our own region.  Go Dancer!

September was a great month at Woodpile Maine Coons!  The beginning of the month brought not only the TICA Annual and the additions of Sketch and Chase, but Suade and Tucker's litter of six little coonlets!  The end of the month has brought us five more babies in Jazz and Alex's beautiful litter!  We are very excited about both of these litters and happy that they appear to be healthy and strong.

9/11/11  At the Clube Sul Americano Do Gato show in Brasil
our beautiful Scarlett took home no less than nine finals and was the best Maine Coon kitten in show!  Beautifully presented by co-owner Newton Peter, Scarlet will remain with him throughout her show career.   Thank you Newton, for taking such good care of our girl, and presenting her so well!

8/28/11  Woo hoo! At her very first show, the Felis Catus Club, in Canoas City, Woodpile Scarlett O'Hara of Missy was
Best of the Best Kitten!  Scarlett is out of our beautiful
RW SGC Woodpile Rumor Has It. Way to start your show
career Scarlett!  Coongrats to co-owner Newton Peter, who showed Scarlett to her prestigious wins! 

Another wonderful Cat Fanciers of BC show!  RW QGC Woodpile Flash Dance received the "Best Cat" she needed to supreme, though she is still lacking just a few points.  Her first show garnered Woodpile Torch Song, Stefani's red & white kitten, a couple of nice finals against bigger and older competition, and Woodpile Purrcussion aka Drummer now has his own fan club, led by President Dana!  Not quite old enough to show, Drummer still had a wonderful time playing and getting all that attention.
The awards ceremony was nice as well.  Four Woodpile cats received awards, including RW QGC Woodpile Flash Dance,
RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings, RW SGC Chemicoons Wild Fire of Woodpile, and perhaps most importantly, our latest Outstanding Dam, RW SGC Woodpile Calamity, bringing the number of our Outstanding Dams to five!

7/27/11  Congratulations to DGC Woodpile Duke, owned and beautifully presented by Sharon & Jackson Roholt!  Duke earned the honor of being the 2nd best Maine Coon in the Mid-Pacific Region for the 2010-2011 show year.  We are very proud of Duke, Sharon, & Jackson and applaud their great care and presentation of the handsome Duke!

6/26/11  What a wonderful weekend we had at the Garden City show on Vancouver Island.  Our biggest news is that, with the granding of new GCA Woodpile UpRoar, Rory earned her father, IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile, the title of
Rory is grand #10 for Frosty and grand #4 for her dam,
QGC Woodpile All That Jazz.  Way to go Rory!
Along with Rory's accomplishments we are very proud that our lovely Woodpile Flash Dance (also a Frosty daughter) is now a Quadruple Grand Champion.  Dancer earned a bunch of finals, including four allbreed Best Cat awards!
Two other Frosty daughters co-bred by Woodpile, IW SGCA Macallans Elllie and GCA Macallans Zoey also picked up a bunch of finals in the alter class.   Icing on the cake was that my good friend Ann was along to share in our fun.  Ann has reason to celebrate as well as Frosty is the sire of her beautiful silver torbie girl, RW SGCA Woodpile Flora Bloom!

6/21/11  News comes from our friend Lynne Sherer that former RW SGC Chemicoons Catalyst (now of Calicoon) has earned the title of Outstanding Sire!  We are very proud that half of Rowdy's grands are Woodpile cats from his short time with us.  Congratulations to Rowdy, Lynne, and all of Rowdy's beautiful babies on a tremendous accomplishment!

5/22/11  More kudos are due after a wonderful weekend at the International Specialty Club's show!  Congratulations to new
GC Macallans Zoey, co-bred by Woodpile, bringing Frosty's grand offspring to nine.  And more to new Ch. Woodpile UpRoar (another Frosty daughter) with three Best Alter awards as well.  After a short break we are happy to be back out there.

5/18/11  Although the end of the show year standings are not yet official, we are proud to announce this year's Woodpile bred and/or owned Regional and International Winners.  Congratulations to:

IW SGCA Macallans Ellie (co-bred by Woodpile)
RW SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy
RW SGC Woodpile Heart Strings
RW SGC Woodpile Kaleidoscope
RW DGC Woodpile Flash Dance of Smokeycoons
RW SGC Chemicoons Wild Fire of Woodpile

Also congratulations to our 2010-2011 Outstanding Dam,
OD SGC Woodpile Calamity. 

2/28/11 The end of February brought with it 7 little bundles of joy in the form of Rumor's latest litter!  Because they were born on our dear friend Michele's birthday, we have decided to name them after some very good friends.  Unfortunately, to cover all of our friends we would need several litters, so we hope no one will be offended if they got left out this time around!  Making it much more difficult, we have more boys than girls.

2/10/11  Great news comes to us from Peter & Eileen Carafiol that their TICA RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings is now also a Grand Premier in CFA!  Congratulations to Tugger, and many many thanks to Peter & Eileen, as well as to Fred & Elaine Weitz for making Tugger possible!

1/25/11  Exciting news - beautiful DGC Woodpile Flash Dance of SmokeyCoons, now owned by Elaine & Fred Weitz, is the centerfold picture for the February 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine.
This stunning photo of Dancer was taken by the
incomparable Helmi Flick, and we are so proud of it
that we just have to share it.
  Thanks Helmi!

2010 Year End
2010 Ends on a happy note for the Woodpile Clan, with several Regional Winners.  Congratulations and thanks to the following cats and their dedicated owners:

RW SGCA Woodpile Flora Bloom
RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings
RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded
RW SGC Woodpile The Legacy
RW SGC Woodpile Ready to Rumble of Betunes (2X)
RW SGCA Woodpile Ryan of Newcats
RW SGC Woodpile Kaleidoscope

11/7/10  We are absolutely thrilled to share that
Woodpile Ryan of Newcats took home 11 Best Alter awards
out of 12 rings (he got a 2nd Best Alter in the 12th ring)
his first show out as an alter!  Ryan is an outstanding red
silver & white boy from our American Idols litter.  We couldn't
be prouder of him!  Way to go Ryan!

We are happy to announce that our long awaited
litter out of RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded and
IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile has arrived!
 Suade gave birth to seven healthy babies in the wee small hours, attended by my wonderful husband (who prefers not to
 do such things, but is a great stand in when I'm at work).

10/31/10  Congratulations to new TGC Macallans Luna on their fabulous show in Reno!  Luna is Grand Champion #8 for our Frosty, and we are very excited that his babies are doing so well!

10/17/10  We are very excited to announce that Frosty and Rumor have another grand champion offspring!  Congratulations to GC Woodpile Flash Dance of SmokeyCoons, and her owners Fred & Elaine Weitz.  Dancer had a wonderful kitten career
and is doing well again as an adult, including best Maine Coon
 at the Evergreen Cat Fanciers October show!  Having passed
 her heart and hip screenings we hope she will produce some
stunning babies at SmokeyCoons.

 10/10/10  Hooray for new DGCA Woodpile Duke, owned and beautifully presented by his owners, Sharon & Jackson Roholt.  Duke is grand #3 from QGC Woodpile All That Jazz's first litter, and #11 for his sire, OS RW SGC SmokeyCoons Alejandro.  We are very proud of Duke, Sharon, and Jackson and we hope they will continue their winning ways! 
Also, congratulations to Laura & Gus Sanderson on their new SGCA Macallans Ellie.  Ellie is a beautiful brown torbie out of
 GC Woodpile Roaring River of Macallans and our handsome
IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire of Woodpile.

9/19/10  The Pacific NW Outlaws Show was a good one for the Woodpile Maine Coons.  Tucker was once again the best Maine Coon in show, even wearing his summer shorts.  Baby Dancer (now Ch. Woodpile Flash Dance of Smokeycoons) earned her Championship at the ripe old age of 8 months and 2 days old as the youngest in the classes for owners Elaine & Fred Weitz. 
RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings continued his winning ways with several finals, thanks to owners Peter & Eileen Carafiol. 
And last but not least, our newest title winner is new
Ch. Woodpile Duke, loved and beautifully presented by his
owner, Sharon Roholt!  Congratulations to all!
You make us proud.

9/12/10  Cats On The Beach, Cape Cod.  Dancer's last kitten show, and at her very last ring and final as a kitten, she was Odette Lamoureux's, BEST AB KITTEN!  Many thanks to Elaine Weitz who showed her so beautifully, and to all the judges who recognized that a nice girl CAN compete with the boys!
Go Dancer Go!

9/6/10  Back from an excellent trip to the Annual.  Woodpile Flash Dance of SmokeyCoons did great, with several breed placements and a 5th Best AB Kitten from Fate Mays!  Not bad considering two of the three top kittens in show were Maine Coons!  We are very proud of Dancer.

8/24/10 News from our friend Newton (SA) comes that It is now SGC Woodpile Charlie Parker of Missy after only two shows!  Not only was Charlie the best Maine Coon at the show, but he was also the Best Cat!  (Complete with trophies we are told).  We are very proud of handsome young Charlie, and wish him (and Newton) much future success!  Pictured below with
TICA Judge of the Year, Alberto Leal!

8/17/10  We are back from our annual pilgrimage to Washington State University with great news!  Our beautiful Maines are heart healthy and happy, echoed by Dr. Kate Meurs, board certified veterinary cardiologist.

8/16/10  Back from the Cat Fanciers of BC show where the Woodpile cats did well!  Our beautiful silver torbie & white Woodpile Flash Dance was the 2nd best kitten in show!  And while we are thrilled with Dancer's (aka Hot Lips) show results, we are equally proud to announce that she is the latest girl to join the cats of SmokeyCoons.  We hope Elaine and Fred will get many beautiful babies from her!

Young Tucker also did well, ending up third best cat in show, and bringing home 3 more Best Cats.  Given the heat in the building (it was HOT) we were delighted that he would still play by the end of Sunday's judging.  Of course, he slept all the way home.

And then there is little (just 4 months old) Woodpile Maserati of SmokeyCoons.  He picked up several finals at his very first show, and absolutely loved it.  He thought those judges were put on earth to entertain HIM!   Maserati is hoping to grow up and take the place of his daddy, RW SGC SmokeyCoons Alejandro as the main stud at SmokeyCoons.  A stunning red classic tabby & white, Maserati has a beautiful head, nice clean profile, tons of coat, a gorgeous pattern, fabulous boning and good size.  And still his loving playful attitude is the best part of all.  He purrs when you walk by him.  We can't wait to see him at a year!

6/30/10 & 7/6/10  We have had a minor population explosion with the arrival of Lacey's litter of 5 on June 30th, followed by Jazz's litter of 5 six days later.  Mamas and babies are doing great!  And we have lots of silvers!

7/11/10  Off to the Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers show this weekend, little Hot Lips came home from another show as Best Kitten.  This gives her 3 out of 4 shows where she has been honored as Best Kitten.  Needless to say we are very proud of our first silver torbie & white baby. 

Another weekend and more wonderful results.  Hot Lips picked up even more Best Kitten awards at the Garden City show in beautiful Sidney by the Sea.  And not to be outdone, Tucker picked up 5 Best Cat awards of his own.  He is lacking only a few points for his Supreme Grand Champion title.  Not bad for a youngster who has only been to three adult shows.

6/14/10  Absolutely unbelieveable!  That's how we feel after taking little Flash Dance (aka Hot Lips) to her second show at four months of age and coming away with her SECOND consecutive Best Kitten in show!  And she did it with no less
 than 10 Best Kitten awards, both AB (4) and SP (6).   I guess we'll be keeping her after all.  :-)
We were also thrilled that RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings (Peter & Eileen Carafiol) came away from the same show as
 2nd Best Alter in show!  Not bad for such a young boy in
some stiff compeitition.  And not to be outdone, Tugger's
little half sister, Woodpile Tiger Lily, also owned and
shown by the Carafiols, became a one show grand by picking
up 7 finals at the show!  Go Lily!
Thanks to Commencement Cat Club for making this a dream weekend, and for being so kind to a first time entry clerk.
And special thanks to my good friend Ann Lervold, who was there to help and offer moral support.  You're the best!

5/30/10  It's official!  The new TICA year-end standings are out.  Woodpile Maine Coons would like to congratulate the following Woodpile cats and their owners for a job well done:

RW SGCA Woodpile Flora Bloom
RW SGCA Woodpile Heart Strings
RW SGC Woodpile Ready to Rumble of Betunes
 RW QGC Woodpile Ryan of Newcats
RW SGC Woodpile Kaleidoscope
RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded
RW SGC Woodpile The Legacy

2010 was another wonderful year for the Woodpile cats.  Along with our seven Regional Winners, We added two more Outstanding Dams to our credit:

OD RW SGC Woodpile Snap Crackle N Pop
OD RW SGC Woodpile Calamity

Because of the timing of applying for Calamity's title it will be "official" next year, but because it happened this year and it is such an important title, we wanted to honor her here as well.

5/23/10  Once again the Woodpile Cats did very well at
the International Specialty Show.  A HUGE congratulations to
new 3 show Supreme Grand Champion Alter Woodpile Heart Strings, loved and beautifully presented by his owners,
Peter & Eileen Carafiol.  Tugger, littermate to our RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded, is the second 3 show Supreme from
this incredible litter that made their mama, RW SGC Woodpile Calamity, an Outstanding Dam! 
Not to be outdone, our darling little Hot Lips, now registered as Woodpile Flash Dance, did exceptionally well for being just barely 4 months of age by picking up no less than EIGHT Best Longhair Kitten awards that earned her the honor of best kitten in the show!  Hot Lips is a stunning silver torbie with high white, and just as flashy as they come.  Hot Lips is out of our lovely RW SGC Woodpile Rumor Has It and IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost
Fire of Woodpile.

A very special thank you to Helmi Flick, Jim Brown, Tetsu, and Gus Sanderson for the professional photographs on our website.