Introducing our Hungarian import:
OD SGC Silverscoon Gaia of Woodpile



Our beautiful Gaia was a one show grand champion, earning the finals
 and points at the first show of the NW Feline Friends!  A new club,
a new show, and now a Supreme Grand Champion!  Thanks to all who
have recognized the wonderful qualities of our sweet Gaia!  A nice
accomplishment for a young girl competing with the boys.

Sired by the handsome RW SGC Williamina Tycoon of Silverscoon
and out of RW TGC Silverscoon Ewe, Gaia is the result of a two year
search for the perfect profile, keeping the temperament we strive for
in our cats.   She is a very happy, outgoing girl who loves
everyone she meets.  She is absolutely toy crazy and makes herself
at home everywhere she goes.  She may just be the most inquisitive
kitten we've ever owned!

We want to thank Gaia's breeder, Brigitta Majorne Hajdu, for
entrusting us with our stunning Gaia, and to Katharina Krenn for
bringing her across the big pond for us.  Thanks also to Michi Hagen
for agreeing to let her grace our home.  You have no
 idea how much we love her! She is the answer to our dreams! 
With her amazing profile and fabulous ears she has been a great
addition to our breeding program. 

Our beautiful Gaia is now retired.

Photos by Kathrin Gerz

Color Brown Classic Tabby
Birthdate July 24, 2012

Sire:  RW SGC Williamina Tycoon of Silverscoon
Dam:  RW TGC Silverscoon Ewe

Heart      Normal and healthy 11/21/15.  Screened by Dr. Jerry Woodfield, board-certified veterinary cardiologist.  
DNA N/N for the HCM Mutation
N/N for PK Deficiency Gene
N/N for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Grands RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver
GC Woodpile Billie Burke of Rumford
QGC Woodpile Baci of Patacoonia
RW SGC Woodpile Peregrin Took
SGCA Woodpile Drago
TGC Woodpile Notorious