Retired Cats




The beautiful cats below are some of our show cats that we have placed with friends or in breeding programs of other breeders. We are grateful for the wonderful babies they have given us, and the fun we and our friends have had showing them.   

  Occasionally we have adults available for reasonable adoption fees.  Normally they are young (under six years) females we have retired, very sweet and affectionate (or we wouldn't have kept them), and come fully vaccinated and spayed. 

Occasionally we also have some young males.  If you think you might be
interested in a young adult please contact us.  We are pretty
picky about where these special cats go, we love them a lot, so be
prepared for a lot of questions!

(The cats pictured below are not available)

Coty RW SGC MTNest Blueprints of Woodpile

RW SGCA Woodpile Solar Eclipse Sunny

Marley OD RW DGC Rumford Catch A  Fire
of Woodpile

OS IW SGC Coonbitzky Frost Fire
of Woodpile

Suade RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded

RW SGC Woodpile Purrcussion

RW SGC Pinecoon Wild Card of Woodpile

RW SGC Woodpile The Legacy  

Jolie RW SGC Woodpile Cajoled
RW SGC Woodpile Kaleidoscope  
  RW SGC Woodpile Flash Dance

RW QGC Woodpile The Rogue  

  RW QGC Pinecoon Aragorn of Woodpile

OD RW QGC Woodpile Amazing
Grace of Pinecoon

  RW SGC Woodpile Rumor Has It

of Woodpile
  RW SGC Woodpile Rock N Roll

RW SGC Wild King v Marquis Zaro

Max RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver
 RW SGC Zmatrixu Yoda of Woodpile

Ch. Zmatrixu Veracruz of Woodpile