LA SGC Woodpile Tumbleweed

Tumble is from our very first litter of Singapuras.  Sage was so nice, it seemed like a waste not to breed her just once, so we offered her to Heather & Jeff Roberts for a litter.  We really had no interest in breeding anything other than our Maine Coons at the time.

Heather was concerned about Stefani's feelings, and didn't want to take Sage (aka "The Princess") away for so long, so we struck a compromise.  We would breed Sage, but Heather & Jeff would take their pick of the kittens.  Sage had three kittens.  Jeff & Heather took little Koo Koo, and we kept Tumble.


Tumble and his sister as toddlers.


We knew Tumble was special from the start.  He has beautiful large eyes, a lovely rounded skull, wonderful markings, and an outstanding temperament.   Sage's firstborn, he was destined to hold a special place in our hearts.  

At the recommendation of the Roberts' we decided to run Tumble as a kitten.  He is a joy to show, purrs constantly, and has a happy, fun loving attitude.  He loves everyone and travels like a pro.

As a kitten, during the 2006-2007 show year, Tumble was ranked the #2 kitten, all breeds, in the world in The International Cat Association.  He was the #1 kitten in the Northwest Region and the #4 cat that same year.  The following year he was the #1 Alter in the Northwest Region as well.  Needless to say, we're pretty darn proud of our little boy. 

In 2008 Tumble earned the honor of the TICA Lifetime Achievement Award, one of very few cats of any breed to have earned this title.

Color  Sable Ticked Tabby
Birthdate    March 28, 2006

  Sire: RW QGC Felinexpress Walker of Chaparral
Dam: RW SGC Chaparral Sagebrush of Woodpile

Tumble is now retired from the show ring, and living a life
of leisure as a spoiled pet.