August 30, 2003 - December 6, 2008


    Helmi Hoot

Words cannot express the profound gratitude I feel for the honor of having been
part of Hoot's life.  He was an incredible show cat, one of those rare boys that
absolutely loved the attention bestowed upon him long after most have tired of the
show hall.  More than once he was chosen as Spectator's Choice at shows,
impressing the uninitiated with his size and demeanor, and always happy to
head butt anyone willing to scratch his ears.  He was a true gentleman, at shows,
in the hotels, and at home.  He was, for me, that once in a lifetime cat.  I will
miss him dearly.

Special thanks to Helmi, Tetsu, and Jim Brown for the wonderful photos of Hoot. 
I will treasure them always.

On December 6, 2008 we lost our beloved Hoot to multiple myeloma, a form of cancer.  We have been assured by our vet that it is not hereditary, and is indeed very rare in cats.  Thankfully so far we haven't seen a repeat of this in any of our cats, related or otherwise.   Rest easy my friend.


 2008 News!

We are very pleased to announce that Hoot has now earned the title of Outstanding Sire, making him the
first Maine Coon in the history of The International
Cat Association to have received both the Lifetime Achievement award and the Outstanding Sire title! 
With 10 grands out of only 19 offspring old enough
for the championship class we think
he truly rates this title.  Way to go Hoot!

2007 News!

We have just received acknowledgement of Hoot's Lifetime Achievement award. 
The Lifetime Achievement award recognizes cats who have won at least three
Regional or International wins throughout their show career.  With Hoot's
Regional wins in the 2003 - 2004 and 2005 - 2006 show seasons, and his
International Win in the 2004 - 2005 show season, he has been recognized as one
of the top Maine Coons in TICA history.  We are so very proud of our handsome boy.

As a kitten Hoot had a wonderful show career, including a regional win as the top
Maine Coon kitten in the NW Region.   During the 2004-2005 show season he
continued his winning ways as the TICA NW Region's Cat of the Year.
  He is a
joy to show, and a real ham on the table.  Our sincere thanks go to the many judges who have honored him with finals, and all
those friends who have encouraged us.  We are truly blessed.

Color Brown Classic Tabby with White
Birthdate August 30, 2003

Sire: RW SGC AnTarCin Ahnold
Pinecoon's Tapestry of Woodpile
, OD


RW SGC Woodpile Calamity, OD
RW SGCA Woodpile In Cahoots
QGC Woodpile All That Jazz
RW QGC Woodpile Yakima of Pajocoons
RW SGCA Woodpile Jeremiah Jackson
RW SGC Woodpile The Legacy
GC Pinecoon Hootenanny
RW SGC Pinecoon Wild Card of Woodpile

TGCA Woodpile Fletcher Fitzgerald
TGC Woodpile Willow
RW QGC Pinecoon Madeline of Windwalker
QGCA Chemicoons Virgil Von Vegas
GCA Chemicoons He's A Hoot
RW SGC Chemicoons Sin City Sue of LAPD
RW SGCA Chemicoons Gunner Blue
GC Woodpile Aria of Macallans
Normal and healthy 3/24/08. Screened multiple times by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist. Hoot is negative for the HCM mutation.
Hips "Excellent" (preliminary)  3/29/04