As part of the search for that purrfect companion we ask that you provide us with information outlining what you   desire in a Maine Coon kitten/cat.   These kittens are like our children and we expect to put a lot of thought into the homes they go to.  Just as you should research us, we'd like   to know a little about you.

Please feel free to email and include the following (you can copy & paste the questions):

  1. Name (we like to know who we're talking to)

  2. E-mail address

  3. Location

  4. How did you hear about us? Cat show, internet, referred by someone (who?)

  5. Are you interested in a kitten, young adult, retiree,  show alter, or breeding cat?

  6. Gender of Kitten/Cat Desired, or no preference

  7. Why are you interested in getting a Maine Coon?

  8. When do you want a cat?

  9. If interested in a show cat, have you ever shown before? 

  10. Will you need assistance?  (We are always happy to assist newcomers)

  11. Do you have a color preference; if so, please indicate the color

  12. Describe any additional requirements you have in a Maine Coon kitten/cat.

  13. Have you ever owned a cat before? (if so, how long and what happened to the cat)

  14. Do you have cats living with you now? If so, how many? What breed? How old?

  15. If they are Maine Coons, from whom did you get them? 

  16. Were/Are they spayed/neutered?

  17. Were/Are they declawed?

  18. Were/Are they in good health?

  19. Were/Are they current with their vaccinations?

  20. Were/Are they indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor?

  21. Do you presently own other animals? If so, how many? What are they?

  22. Are you getting this cat for yourself or a gift for someone else?

  23. How many hours will this cat spend alone at home?

  24. Who will be the primary caretaker of this cat?

  25. Where will the cat stay during the day? During the night?

  26. How many members in your family/household? Approximate ages of children?

  27. Is everyone in your family willing to have a new cat?

  28. Describe your current living situation. How long have you lived at your current residence? Do you live in a house, mobile home, apartment/condo?

  29. If renting, does your landlord or homeowner's association allow pets?

Thank you for your interest in our Maine Coons!