Our journey into Singapuras began in December 2003 when I promised our daughter Stefani a trip to the Alaskats cat show in Anchorage (in February) as a 12th birthday present.
At the show was a four month old Singapura kitten, cute as could be, playing like crazy on one of the judge's tables.  The kitten hopped onto a chair, and without stopping to even think about it, Stefani scooped up the kitten to put it back on the table.  I knew we would be adding a Singapura to the house as soon as I saw her face and she uttered those nine words I'll never forget:
"Oh Mama!  It feels just like a bunny rabbit!"

For the next year Stefani begged for a Singapura kitten.  She was going to lots of cat shows with me, and I knew she was serious about the cats, so I started investigating Singapura breeders.  Of course I started with the breeders of the Singapura we saw in Alaska, Jeff & Heather Roberts of Chaparral Singapuras.

I talked to Heather at length about Singapuras, and we often saw them at local shows with one of their Sings.  I was impressed with the breed, and more impressed with Heather & Jeff and their willingness to consider us for a really top notch Singapura, knowing that it would be going to a youngster to show.  I think it was a leap of faith on their part, and we will be forever grateful for their trust.

After convincing Peter that this would be the purrfect present for Stefani's 13th birthday (after all, you only become a teenager once), we made the commitment to get one of the females from a litter Heather had told me about.  The kittens weren't old enough to go by Stefani's birthday, so we gave her a small box with pictures of "her" kitten inside.   To say she was thrilled would be an understatement.

In late January 2005 our first Singapura walked right into our hearts. 
That little ball of energy is now Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion Chaparral Sagebrush of Woodpile.  Not a bad start for a 13
year old with her first kitten!

We hope you will enjoy meeting our Singapuras.  At this time we only breed Maine Coons, but the Singapuras etched a special place in our hearts.