Our First Outstanding Dam!

OD GC Woodpile Sophisticat

**Note:  Despite claims to the contrary, Sophie has never been
owned by any cattery other than ours, nor has she ever
carried another cattery name.  Such claims are false.**

 News Flash!
Sophie has added grand champion #13 to her accomplishments with
the granding of  QGC Woodpile All That Jazz.  We hope that lucky #13
will give us some fabulous babies to carry on Sophie's legacy.
We are very proud of Sophie's most important title, Outstanding Dam.  To become an Outstanding Dam in TICA a queen must produce at least five offspring that earn the title of Grand Champion, a difficult task, and therefore a great accomplishment.  Not only has Sophie produced such beautiful kittens, but she did it in only two litters, with more than 50% of her offspring having attained their titles so far.  An added bonus is that Sophie is a second generation Outstanding Dam.  Her mother, OD Coonmora Liberty of Woodpile, has earned that title as well!  She has also produced both an Outstanding Sire and two Outstanding Dams, marking her influence on the breed. 

January 2008
 Sophie is soon to be retired from our breeding program.  With 9 grand champion offspring to date, we feel she has more than earned her retirement!  For her last litter she will once again be bred to our handsome LA IW SGC Woodpile Hoot N Holler.  We are hoping for an equally lovely girl from her with which to carry on her legacy of producing top quality kittens.   Her record speaks for itself!

June 2008
Our long awaited last Sophie litter is here.  Sired by Hoot they are, as always, stunning babies with beautiful patterns.  We have kept one of the kittens to carry on the tremendous legacy of her parents.  Sophie is now officially retired and will live a life of ease after weaning this litter.   Thank you Sophie, for your tremendous contribution to our breeding program.  You will always have a special place in our hearts.

Color Brown Classic Tabby
Birthdate March 6, 2003

Sire: RW SGC Mysticoon Thunder Paws of Pinecoon, OS
Coonmora Liberty of Woodpile, OD


Normal and healthy at 4 years of age. Screened by Dr. Jerome Woodfield, a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.  Sophie is negative for the HCM mutation
OD QGC Woodpile All That Jazz
GCA Woodpile Robin Goodfellow
RW SGCA Woodpile In Cahoots

RW QGC Woodpile Yakima of Pajocoons
QGCA Woodpile Fletcher Fitzgerald
TGC Woodpile Willow
RW SGCA Woodpile Jeremiah Jackson

GC Woodpile Aria of Macallans
OS RW SGC Chemicoons Catalyst of Woodpile
TGCA Chemicoons Seamus Momie
SGCA Chemicoons McGurk Momie
TGCA Chemicoons Tawnie Momie
OD DGC Chemicoons Madame Marie Curie