Sage was our daughter Stefani's 13th birthday present, proving that dreams do come true!  She has stolen our hearts and captivated us with her funny little antics.  She is certainly different than our Maine Coons!  She was the NW Region's 12th Best Kitten after having attended only three shows, so we know she is very special.  She has continued her winsome ways as an adult, capturing the title of Supreme Grand Champion at just over a year of age

Known around the house as "The Princess" and "Sage Brat", her names suit her well.  She is, at times, the prima dona of our catdom, or the devil kitty from hell.

We absolutely adore her! We can't begin to thank her breeders, Heather and Jeff Roberts, for entrusting this mischievous little darling to us.  She is a breath of fresh air to all she meets!

Color Sable Ticked Tabby
Birthdate November 2, 2004

RW QGC Usaf's Monterey of Chaparral
LA IW SGC Shiverden's Jubilee of Chaparral, OD


Grands LA SGCA Woodpile Tumbleweed
RW SGC Woodpile Kookaburra of Chaparral