RW SGC Woodpile Persuaded



Sired by the handsome RW OS SGC SmokeyCoons Alejandro and out 
of our lovely RW OD SGC Woodpile Calamity, Suade has the wild 
look and pattern of her dam, and the body and laid back attitude 
of her sire.  She is a very large, outgoing girl who is at ease in the show
 hall, and so loving and impish that she
has stolen our hearts and Persuaded us to keep her! 

News Flash!
After only three shows Suade has earned the title of SGC.  This
 is an incredible feat for a female,
let alone one that is just barely 8 months old!

Many thanks to Fred & Elaine Weitz for allowing Calamity to visit Alex.  Without their friendship we wouldn't have our beautiful Suade.

Color Brown Classic Tabby
Birthdate July 5, 2009

RW SGC SmokeyCoons Alejandro, OS
Dam:  RW SCG Woodpile Calamity, OD

Heart      & Hips  Normal and healthy 10/6/12.  Screened by
Dr. Jerry Woodfield, a board-certified
veterinary cardiologist.

Suade is negative for the
HCM mutation.

Hips: Good at a year.
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