OS IW SGC Coonbitzky

Frost Fire of Woodpile

aka Frosty

(now retired)

Frosty is a wonderful addition to our home.  He is a stunning red
silver classic tabby & white with a clean profile, long long muzzle,
fabulous coat, heavy boning, and the sweetest disposition anyone
could ask for!  He is definitely a lap cat, and loves to give the judges
head butts and purrs.  In his first four shows as an adult he achieved
the title of Supreme Grand Champion, garnering a multitude of Best
Cat awards along the way (7 at the 2006 Salt Lake City
show!).  In 2007 Frosty achieved the coveted title of International
Winner, making him a second generation IW and following in the
footsteps of his father.  

News Flash!

With the granding of his daughter, GCA Woodpile UpRoar, Frosty
earned the title of
Outstanding Sire.  To achieve this a male must sire
at least 10 kittens who earn the title of grand champion or higher. 
Frosty's first litter wasn't born until he was over two years of age,
so he has really produced well in a very short period of time.  Frosty is now
retired and living as a much loved pet.  We think he's earned it.


Red Silver Classic Tabby with White
(carries solid but not dilute)

Birthdate October 26, 2005

LA IW SGC Coonbitzky Dillon The Bandit
Coonbitzky Fire Dancer

Normal and healthy 10/6/12.  Screened by Dr. Jerry Woodfield, board-certified veterinary cardiologist.  
N/N for the HCM Mutation
N/N for PK Deficiency Gene
Hips Screened good - 2/7/08
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