RW SGCA Amuletcoon Uproar of Woodpile


From across the pond (Amuletcoon) came our handsome Roary.  We are
so thrilled to have this youngster with his outstanding temperament and type!
He is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a real
passion for red Maine Coons, and so, when I saw that kitten picture of Roary, I
just knew I had to have him.  Many thanks to Lyubov Kozlovskaya for sharing
him with us.  We are so very pleased with him!

His first litters have just arrived and he has produced some gorgeous kittens. 
Hopefully we will have a couple to show this fall, and they will do their daddy proud.



Color Red Classic Tabby & White
Birthdate October 17, 2020

Sire:  Grandeza Ragnar

Dam:  Allywood Melrose

DNA N/N for the HCM Mutation
N/N for SMA Gene
Heart  Echoed by Dr. Jerry Woodfield, board certified veterinary cardiologist and found to be normal.