RW SGC Zmatrixu Latoya of Woodpile

aka "Toy"


 Toy comes to us from Zmatrixu Maine Coons.  She
has a nice chiseled head, glorious ears with amazing lynx tips, full boxy muzzle, great chin,
long bushy tail, a nice solid body and pretty much everything else we were looking for in
 a new girl, including a much diversified pedigree.  She came out of her carrier purring,
and she hasn't stopped since.

Toy earned the title of SGC in just four shows.    This is a wonderful feat for a young
female!  We are very proud of our beautiful Toy!

We are excited about Toy's first litter (by RW SGC Woodpile Quicksilver), and have
kept a kitten to show later in the year.  Look for little Glory in the show halls!


Color Black Tortie
Birthdate January 7, 2015

Sire: World King Freestyle Artist
Dam: Iron Maden Z Matrixu


Normal and healthy 4/1/19.  Screened by
Dr. Jerry Woodfield, board-certified veterinary cardiologist.  
Grands QGC Woodpile Glorious
N/N for
the HCM mutation.
N/N for PK Deficiency.

N/N for Spinal Muscular Atrophy